Meet Stephan Boyd

RingFit Boxing & Training

Hi my name is Stephan Boyd. I have over 15 years experience in boxing, self-defense, weight management and fitness. I am formerly a member of both the Canadian National Boxing team and the Jamaican National Boxing Team. I have represented both countries competing internationally and boxing on 3 different continents. I have trained with some of the nation’s leading fitness experts, conditioning trainers and coaches and have learned from them all. I have competed with and against some of the very best fighters in the world, including current and former World Champions. In 2010, I fought twice, knocking out one opponent and decisively defeating a Commonwealth Games Gold medalist and Pan American Game silver medalist. Currently, I am the NABA Canadian middleweight Champion!

Training Methodology

The Varela’s experience and wisdom set them apart from the rest. I learned the importance of patience and the importance of doing things properly. That is why at Ringfit we don’t cut corners. I feel honoured that I was able to learn this unique and proven system of Central American Boxing. We continue to teach these principles in every training session. Additionally, we assist our clients with the mental toughness to reach their desired goals. The pat on the back when the training becomes challenging, the gentle motivation one needs to see past what is in front of them. The encouragement to be greater than you thought possible.

As a high level professional boxer I am always pushing myself to be stronger, faster and fitter. My workouts are often long and strenuous. Over the years I have developed a program that takes all the elements of traditional boxing, devised a structured system of teaching boxing skills and also a workout that focuses on complete fitness. All of our trainers have coached at the highest possible level and are Ringfit certified. This ensures consistency and integrity to our program.

Success is all relative to the individual. It may be somebody struggling to skip for 30 seconds and then a few weeks later they are skipping nonstop for 10 minutes. It may be that person who all of a sudden to their amazement can fit into that dress or jeans they haven’t worn in years. It may be that person who after 3 months of core training is surprised with how much ease they moved and packed boxes while their spouse struggled and complained with back pain. It may be that teenager who is no longer bullied at school, who can hold their head high after rigorous hours of training in the ring and in the gym. Who now looks and feels ready to embrace the world. Success may mean lacing up the gloves, climbing through the ropes and actually competing in an actual boxing match. In two instances, even winning the Ringside Masters (over 50) World Championships in the largest amateur boxing tournament in the world! Whatever your definition of success is, Ringfit Boxing & Fitness will assist you to achieve your personal fitness goals.
No matter what age or fitness level, Ringfit can help you. We already cater to a broad range of clients, our youngest athlete is 7 years old and our oldest is 79! We are unique, fun, effective & result oriented. I am confident that Ringfit Boxing & Fitness will help you obtain your goals.

Our Trainers

Stephan Boyd

Lead Trainer / Coach

Stephan is the owner of RingFit Boxing with a record of 28 wins and 8 losses as an amateur boxer and as a profes sional he has a record of 11 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw. Stephan grew up watching kung-fu movies and learning how to defend himself from his older brother. During high school he was more interested in playing basketball. It was not until he randomly passed a kickboxing gym he discovered his passion for combat sports. When boxing becoming more of an organized sport, more opportunities approached him. He was introduced to two boxing trainers who helped shaped him to be the trainer he is today. As a trainer, Stephan wants to share his knowledge and help people reach levels that they thought were not possible. Empowering people with confidence to move forward and advance towards their goals is what makes Stephan love what he does.
“Teaching the art of boxing is great but helping people lead healthier more active lives is what really does it for me.”

Carlos Verela Jr.

Lead Trainer / Coach

Carlos Varela Jr. has been involved in boxing his entire life. The son of accomplished champion and trainer Carlos “Kid Varelita” Varela, boxing is in his blood. Carlos Varela Jr. has trained four Canadian national champions and many provincial champions. He has coached for the Canadian National team and has worked ringside for numerous national, international and professional fights. Carlos is now with RingFit, using his vast knowledge and experience to help people reach their fitness goals. Carlos specializes in total fitness, technical and competitive boxing, and core and torso training. Carlos has a passion for fitness and works with a diverse clientele. He has the experience, knowledge and motivational push to help you be your best.

Richard Reittie

RingFit Trainer

Richard has been a long time athlete since high school. Originally from Jamaica, Richard has established an extensive boxing career. He has been training in boxing for 17 years including competing for Team Canada. He has trained and competed with the best in the world in Jamaica, Cuba, Colombia and México. Richard pursued boxing in order to live a healthier lifestyle and used this discipline to challenge himself. To date Richard has a record of 11 wins including 7 KOs, 4 losses and 2 draws. Richard joined RingFit in 2015. His training method specializes in using body resistance. Richard’s personal regimen to prepare for his fights would be to train every day before and after work. He understands the physical challenges and the mental endurance it takes to succeed in reaching goals. Nowadays he finds motivation from his two boys to be a good role model to them.

Dmitry Korobkine

RingFit Trainer

Dmitry has been part of the RingFit team for two years. He has competed in karate, Thai boxing and boxing. He wanted to prove to himself he was capable of doing anything if he set his mind to it. With persistence and consistency, he overcame his adversities. He is now a Level 1 Coach and has experience training people of all levels including youth, women and fight-training. He understands the struggles by enduring them himself which allows him to have a deeper connection with his clients. Through determination and focus he has helped his clients overcome their obstacles and reach their goals.

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